San Francisco Based Plumber Speaks Out To Committee

Recently a prominent San Francisco plumber spoke out in a committee meeting against using lead in all plumbing endeavors in the Bay Area. His goal was simple; he wants to make sure that all plumbing done in the past with lead gets removed and put back in. He thinks this will improve safety in the industry significantly and help people in the San Francisco area enjoy better health.

We hope that more plumbers will follow his lead in this stand. As a community and a nation, we deserve to enjoy better health than what we will inevitably receive if we allow the lead to stay in plumbing.

If more plumbers in San Francisco, California, will stand up and speak out against this we could make some truly significant strides in the coming months and years. This is not a battle that will be won overnight, but we will beat the war against lead in plumbing with determination, strength, and courage.

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